• 4 soft shell crabs
  • Nit Noi Thai Fried Garlic
  • 2 lemons
  • 2 tbs of olive oil
  • 1 tbs of soy sauce
  • cilantro
  • scallion
  • salt
  • pepper


  1. Rinse crabs under cold running water. Twist off apron. Fold back the pointed sides of the top shell to expose gills and remove. With kitchen scissors, cut across the front of the crab about 1/4 inch behind the eyes and the mouth; squeeze out sac located directly behind the mouth.
  2. Toss crabs in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Place crabs on a pre-heated grill and cook, 3-4 minutes each side, until they turn orange and cooked through.
  3. In a mixing bowl, add lemon juice, soy sauce, scallion, cilantro and Nit Noi Thai Fried Garlic, and whisk. Season to taste. Spread a tablespoon on each crab leaving the rest in a small bowl for dipping.